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our approach

We are all passionate about our jobs and area of expertise while also being curious about other related fields.

With a resolute commitment to delivering the very best work for our clients, we will continue to build on our position as market leaders in ecommerce, creative and content solutions.

Our studio is always busy with a hundred things happening at once, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day is filled with creative happenings and lots of client meetings all over the country - but we always love coming back to our canal-side studio as it feels like home.

Behind the scene

Meet the squad.

Remi Simaer
Remi Simaer

Founder / CEO

Remi Simaer is founder and CEO of Mosutto, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.
Prior to forming Mosutto, Mr. Simaer worked as freelancer designer for various top clients in Paris, Art Director at JointWay in Beijing and then Creative Director at Fractalist.
He received his BFA from ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle) in Paris.
Mr. Simaer loves new technologies, Asian food and travel around the world.

Jia Li

Asia Campaign Coordinator

Born and raised in Beijing, Li spent her early years in Université Rennes-I studying International Trade, working at various Chinese owned companies in Paris before finding home at Mosutto.
She is now coordinating the communication between our Chinese clients and the agency.

Dera Randimbisoa

Business Consultant

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